Close Protection

Our team is headed up by our Manchester based executive security specialist & Close Protection Officer Mr Smith.

Mr Smith is a highly capable Close Protection Security Operative with twenty-five years of military and police experience with the Royal Marines and the CID, based in the North of England. Mr Smith and his team have protected numerous high-profile individuals. Our team will ensure that everything about your journey is planned in the minutest detail. Highly trained security officers will plan the route to ensure that whatever the situation or perceived threat is, you will reach your destination in comfort feeling safe and relaxed.

Our CP Team have considerable experience in corporate and private security in the UK and overseas. Our operatives have conducted Close Protection on behalf of VIPs, sportsmen and women, politicians, celebrities, music artists, Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and their families throughout the UK. Our employees also have experience in Europe and the Middle East.

Mr Smith and his team specialise in Protective Surveillance and can provide protection to you and your family without alerting anyone to our presence. This specialist covert provision of security is ideal for the protection of specific family members that might be reluctant to accept a security presence, or for sensitive business meetings where the presence of security might be detrimental to image.

Security Surveys, Consultations and Risk Assessments

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Our specialist team can provide security consultants or close protection officers to conduct pre-planning assessments and produce recommendations for any activity you wish to undertake. We can provide you with reports for your consideration at various depths and costs.

We can also produce reconnaissance reports for international visits and accommodation stays. We keep people, property, assets and information safe, protecting against physical attack. From an individual protection officer to full teams, the protection provided can be as discreet or high profile as you require.